Specializing in all aspects of governmental and public affairs, including legislative and executive representation and advocacy.

How We Work

and how we can help you

The first step is an initial conference to listen to your goals. Next, we develop an action plan. Using the action plan, we help you communicate your position to key decision-makers in the legislature, state agencies, or local governments.

You may need to amend or repeal a law that’s already on the books or to support or oppose a bill that has been filed. You may wish to obtain an appropriation for your cause, business, or local government. You may want to educate elected officials and staff about your industry. Whatever the issue, we will work with you to develop the plans to achieve your goals.

We become your voice. Unlike Washington, things can happen very fast in Tallahassee. Having boots on the ground during committee meetings and the short 60-day session is essential. We track your issues, study every bill filed, meet with legislators and staff, and coordinate the best strategies to convey your message. We attend and monitor public meetings and testify on your behalf. As events unfold, we provide timely reports on the status of your issue.

Complex issues sometimes require experts with unique skillsets. With our many years of experience, we know the most skilled players and, if needed, can build a team of specialists to handle your toughest issues. We make sure you have the right people working on your issue at the right time.

Being on top of an issue early is critically important. The earlier you start the better.

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Practice Specialties (Hidden)


Government appropriations include the authorization and then provisioning of funds and/or other assets designated by federal and state government.

Bill & Amendment Drafting

Drafting legislation requires accurate communication of purpose within a legalistic language.  Experience in this field is essential for success.

Issue Research

Success requires doing your homework. To successfully lobby your cause, you must know all aspects of the issue.

Position Papers

One of the most effective ways to communicate an arguable opinion is through a well-authored position paper.

Coalition Building

Coalitions can be difficult to assemble, but such collaborations can be a powerful force for change or action.

Communications to Legislators

Effective communication with legislatures requires access. Access that is acquired throughs decades of experience.

Status Reports

Regular updates keep you ahead of the fast paced legislative actions of Florida.


We keep clients, current and former, updated on the happenings of the florida government through regular newsletters.

Industry Areas of Expertise




Local Government

Health Care




Commercial Real Estate

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